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We commissioned Detroit Dirt Rock to design and produce a limited series of cellars and spoons for us. This porcelain cellar and matching porcelain spoon is the result and a beautiful complement to our salts! Here are a few words by the artist:

The form is inspired by cut crystal and gemstone settings in jewelry. I seek to make vessels that imbue the material they hold. For Amagansett Sea Salt, this meant having a container hold crystals that was inspired by a crystal and made of a “pure” bright white porcelain, again reflecting the salts' nature. Lastly, to mirror the process of hand-harvested salts, every surface and plane of the spoon and vessel was hand carved and finished.

Because we do not add anti-caking agents to our salt, we recommend serving our salt in a cellar at the table, but storing the salt in its glass jar with the cork firmly seated.

The cellar holds about one-third ounce of our salt and measures 2¾” x 2¾” x ⅞”. The spoon is 2⅝” long