Angel Biscuits dressed with Amagansett Sea Salt at Gramercy Tavern, NYC

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chocolate chip cookies dressed with Amagansett Sea Salt at Gramercy Tavern, NYC

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Salt is a natural flavor enhancer - a very light dressing of Amagansett Sea Salt (just a couple of grains per bite) boosts and intensifies the flavors already in your ingredients. While our Pure Amagansett Sea Salt tastes like the ocean salt is our go-to salt that we use on everything, we also turn to our flavored blend when looking for something tasting and looking a bit different or wanting an additional nuanced taste layer.. Use our infused and flavored sea salt blends in the same way as you would use our unflavored way, Here are some salt/food pairings we use in our kitchen:

Herbes de Provence Salt - Great on roasted veggies or roasted potatoes. Fantastic on a steak right off the grill — no need to salt before.

Lemon Zest Salt - Seafood and veggies. The lemon brightens and the salt amps up flavors. 'Nuff said.

Dill & Fennel Salt - Bobby Flay's crew says to try this blend "sprinkled on roasted vegetables and in a Bloody Mary." Who are we to disagree? We also suggest trying it on your fish.

Merlot Wine Salt - Pairs well with steak or grilled striped bass. Also, a fun idea: scoop vanilla ice cream, drizzle with high quality olive oil, then sprinkle with the Merlot Sea Salt — delicious!

Rosé Wine Salt - on sliced tomato or salad; also ideal for flaky white fish, such as flounder, sautéed shrimp or bay scallops. Sauté in olive oil, then finish with this salt. The hot pink flavor plays well on any white colored dish.

Truffle Salt - We love this on roasted duck, adore it sprinkled on top of a light pasta — like pumpkin ravioli with brown butter sauce — and think this salt is perfect for creamy scrambled eggs. Oh yes, must have for popcorn!

Aleppo Pepper Salt - When our foods need a bit spicing up, we reach for this blend. Not hot, but tangy, this salt blend pairs perfectly with vegetables, seafood and the rim of your cocktail glass.

Please visit our Recipes section to read and see some of our favorite ways others use our extraordinary sea salt. Enjoy!