Professional chefs, restaurateurs, commercial food makers, and home cooks use Amagansett Sea Salt. Here are some recipes from professionals using our exceptional sea salt. Also, check out our recipe board on Pinterest where we post photos and recipes sent to us by others. Please enjoy!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Cookie

Settling on the perfect chocolate chip cookie is an impossible task! Miro Uskokovic's Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies (dressed with Amagansett Sea Salt) at Untitled and Gramercy Tavern in NYC are perfect. Then Nia got all scientific and perfected her Butter & Crumb Espresso Chocolate Chunk Cookies recipe using dark and milk chocolate chunks, espresso to amp up the chocolaty flavor, and our salt to boost all of the flavors. Now here comes these Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Cookies by Lisa (Scatuccio) Thompson, food editor at The Feedfeed, and we are even more confused. Perhaps perfection is not a singular concept.

These cookies are soft, chewy, sweet, salty, and (almost) endlessly customizable. The cookie gets chewiness from oats and a salty kick from creamy peanut butter and a finishing touch of our flakey sea salt. Lisa's flexible recipe allows you to swap ingredients to fit your needs, cravings, and pantry. Swap an equal amount of any nut butter or tahini for the butter. Try whatever chocolate (or chocolates) you prefer. Use light brown sugar instead of dark. Add chopped dates and a pinch of cardamom. Fold mini marshmallows into the dough. Do whatever you want to make this cookie your own, but please make this cookie!

Thanks to Lisa and The Feedfeed for this recipe and photos!

cherry tomoto

We started working with Benjamin Vaschetti when he was a chef in Manhattan. The pandemic forced everyone to adjust. For some, these changes involved opening up new doors and taking new risks. Ben is part of this group. Together with his wife, Ben founded Maison Benjamin where they combine their backgrounds and talents in the culinary and hospitality spheres and offer memorable culinary concierge and related services and experiences to private clients. 

Ben recently shared with us this recipe for a summer beans salad. A tangle of green and yellow summer beans is tossed with a tangy buttermilk-chive dressing and finished with basil, shallots, and Amagansett Sea Salt for a delicious and beautiful dish. The buttermilk dressing makes it wonderful. And the Amagansett Sea Salt makes it memorable!

cherry tomoto

Quality ingredients, simply prepared. This has been a mantra of ours that started in our pre-saltmaking life when we interviewed a rising star chef as the tenant in a building we owned and lived in. At the interview, he shared this belief and some of his visions with us. This chef has since become a world-class top chef and our food game has increased one-hundredfold.

This recipe, recently shared with us by “fashionable foodie and celebrated designer” Peter Som from whom we have freely plagiarized, is true to this refrain. It is hard to find anything simpler and more satisfying than throwing a bunch of delicious things on a sheet pan, adding a glug of quality olive oil, letting the oven do its magic, and then finishing with sea salt to bring out even more flavor. Include some "exotic" ingredients like gochujang and za’atar and a delicious and memorable dish that is sure to impress is yours! Hot out of the oven, feta becomes mellow and creamy, the perfect foil for tender eggplant. And there’s the subtle spicy-sweet kick of gochujang-laced cherry tomatoes that create their own sauce when they burst. This tray bake falls somewhere in the lunch, snack, appetizer realm—really, it’s great for any time of day. Make sure to eat it soon after you take it out of the oven and definitely with the best crusty baguette you can find.

The Hamptons Kitchen

The Hamptons abounds with fabulous produce, seafood, meats, and cheeses as well as talented and famous chefs, restauranteurs, and food writers. We were introduced to Stacy Dermont and Hillary Davis at a local farmers' market. Stacy was an editor and writer at a local paper and working at the market and Hillary was fresh from writing a new cookbook. The pair recently teamed up to write The Hamptons Kitchen, an homage to “seasonal recipes pairing land and sea” and includes this recipe. Delicious, versatile, and accessible, the burger works equally well with a wide variety of finfish and shellfish. Our problem is deciding which one to use.

fresh carrots

Meeting and getting to know some of the talented people responsible for some of the most superb restaurants and foods across the US has been a joy. We were introduced to Chef Suzanne Cupps at Untitled restaurant in NYC where she rose through the ranks to executive chef. Our salt followed her to 232 Bleecker, also in NYC, where she created an open kitchen with a wood-fired grill and serves spectacular vegetable-forward, fresh food-driven dishes. Chef recently shared with us this recipe for Hot-Honey Roasted Carrots straight from the 232 menu. It's a keeper!

Butter & Crumb logo

We are continually amazed at the fantastic baked goods that Nia, one of the best and most talented people we know, seems to effortlessly create. Click here to read Nia's Butter & Crumb blog, Full of flavor, slightly chewy and gorgeous to look at, these espresso chocolate chunk cookies are just the prescription for a sleepy Monday. We are certain you will agree that the light dressing of our sea salt amps up the flavors.

Butter & Crumb logo

We are psyched when chefs and food makers turn to our salt for their creations and especially so when they were one of our favorite restaurants or brands before being a client. Blue Point Brewing Company, a bit up island from us on Long Island, was our go-to beer for years. Amagansett Sea Salt has become Blue Point's go-to salt for a variety of their beers and ales (try their Beach Plum Gose, Seaweed IPA, Mexican-style Lager and Oyster Stout). We were thrilled when they asked for some of our salt for truffles they were making to mark World Chocolate Day (July 7th of each year). Super easy and super delicious, here is Blue Point Brewing Company's recipe for Oyster Stout Chocolate Truffles with Amagansett Sea Salt. Enjoy!


Our sea salt was discovered by Eleven Madison Park restaurant in NYC several years ago. Since then, EMP earned the title of "World’s Best Restaurant" on the World's 50 Best Restaurant List and our finishing salt has, in the words of Chef Daniel Humm, "become one of the most indispensable ingredients in our kitchen." We are proud and honored. It is especially nice to go back to EMP to say 'hi' to our friends there, eat some fabulous food and learn of ways to use our sea salt that we would not conceive of. Here is one created by Angela Pinkerton, EMP's first executive pastry chef.

Chef Miro Uskokovic

We ship our very special sea salt to many, many restaurants across the U.S. every week. These restaurateurs and chefs tell us they treasure our finishing salt for its very special flavor, texture and appearance. As we prepare these orders, we try to imagine the dishes our salt will be used on. Salt intensifies and enhances flavors and, in the case of ours, adds a hint of the brininess of the Atlantic and a fantastic soft crunch.

We recently learned that a portion of our weekly shipments to Gramercy Tavern in NYC is destined for the pastry kitchen where pastry chef Miro Uskokovic holds sway (sweet and salty works). Miro served this Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Cake dressed with our pure Amagansett Sea Salt at the 2014 NYC Wine & Food Festival. While this magnificent creation seems daunting at first blush, it is well worth the effort! Thanks Chef for simplifying it a bit for us!

Chef Guy Reuge

We LOVE when restaurant chefs contact us to set up an account. We feel validated (perhaps we have insecurity issues), happy that more people are being exposed to our sea salt through these restaurants, and make a little income to boot. Recently, Chef Guy Reuge called asking for some of our sea salt for his Restaurant Mirabelle in Stony Brook, NY. Chef Reuge is a recipient of the coveted Toque d'Argent, along with the title, "Chef of the Year" by Les Maîtres Cuisiniers de France (Society of Master Chefs). We are honored he is one of our customers.

Following is one of Chef's recipes that is dually inspired by his French heritage and his Long Island home: "Duck Egg - 'Breakfast at Dinnertime'."

raw scallops

We continue to be amazed by the abundance of innovative, talented and thoughtful people producing food products on the East End of Long Island. Dock to Dish, Long Island's original Community and Restaurant Supported Fishery, is one of them. Dock to Dish is an alliance of local commercial fishermen and wild shellfish harvesters who provide their members with fresh seafood harvested with the consumer and the planet in mind. Members receive weekly shares of locally caught and sustainable seafood. Consumers get the freshest and best shellfish and fin fish possible and fishermen realize the economic and ecological value of providing traceable, sustainable seafood.

One recent week's share included Atlantic Sea Scallop, Longfin Squid and this delicious recipe for Scallop Crudo with Wasabi-Ginger Sauce by Chef Eric Ripert, a founding member of the Restaurant Supported Fishery (RSF) division of Dock to Dish.

Cedar plank salmon

Our friend Amy, a private chef just outside of Philadelphia (she is great - contact us if you would like to be put in touch with her), visited us recently. Amy has been a tremendous sounding board and has helped us a great deal as we play with flavor and packaging ideas. She has even helped us prepare for markets, tasting events and trade shows and has represented us at many shows.

On a recent visit, after looking at a map of the nearby North Fork of Long Island, Amy came up with a limited run sea salt blend with Sichuan peppercorns, toasted ginger, and garlic. We used it that night on cedar plank and it was a BIG hit! Give it a try.


Sometimes the best things can also be the simplest. With the best of ingredients, French radishes + whipped butter + sea salt is one of them.

We were first turned on to this treat by our friends at and long-time client the NoMad in NYC. A short time later, we were happily surprised to read about it in Mimi Sheraton's "10 Most Memorable Meals" article in the June 2013 Food Issue of Smithsonian Magazine

Writing about her gastronomic epiphanies, she describes the "radis au beurre heaven" found at The NoMad where "each petite white-tipped pink French radish is individually molded in a tiny round cup of sweet butter. All that is needed for total bliss is a few grains of the sea salt." We are proud our fleur de sel brought Mimi Sheraton bliss.

Ina Garten | Barefoot Contessa

We were asked to share our sea salt making technique with the staff of Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa for use in a sea salt salted caramel brownies segment. Had we known that the day for filming would be the coldest of the year, we would have suggested something hot instead! Although ice was forming in the top of our buckets of sea water, the thought of the delicious, chocolaty-briny-sweet flavored treats to come kept us going. We weren't disappointed and don't think you will be either!

Tale of the Fish logo

We are very fortunate that many very talented people offered their suggestions, assistance and support when we first started out on our venture. Meg Matyia, an extremely talented photographer, generously shared her camera's lens with us to help convey our product and process. With chef Jessica Kalish, Meg writes Tale of the Fish where the absolute best of ingredients are combined with the best of ideas to create some of the best tasting and best looking dishes we have seen. Here is one of them.

Out East Foodie

The east end of Long Island is a very special place for us. We are so fortunate to be surrounded by the the ocean, farms and wonderful people! Laura is one of those people. She writes about her love for the edible communities of the Hamptons and North Fork in Out East Foodies. Following is one of Laura's ways to use our lemon zest blended sea salt.

Chef Kerry Heffernan

Farmers' markets are great opportunities for us to meet and talk with those familiar and unfamiliar with our sea salts as well as with people of all ranges of culinary chops. Chef Kerry Heffernan (restaurants, Top Chef Master, etc.) introduced himself to us at one market and has become a wonderful customer and resource, eager to share with us his recent creations and ideas. Here is one.

Jessica Soffer's Crudo

Our weekly routine includes surfing the web to discover, among other things, the prior week's mentions of our salt on menus, ingredient lists, tweets, blogs and the like. Although this has now become old hat (for which we are grateful!), it stills brings a broad smile and wonderful feeling of accomplishment. If we paid more attention in that college psychology course that met way too early in the morning, we would probably attribute this to deep-seated insecurities and a need for validation.

This week, we came across bonberi, "a curated editorial website devoted to food and well-being" and this oh-so-simple, but oh-so-good crudo recipe by novelist Jessica Soffer. Nothing shocking here, just confirmation that great ingredients, simply prepared creates great food.